Stop Wasting Money on Video Ads

Social media consumption has been on a consistent climb and the cost of advertisement is growing. Sure, this rapid growth is great for the individual platforms but it can quickly become a strenuous task for businesses trying to channel their message in a saturated market. In fact, consumers are now becoming numb to published promotions and subconsciously tune-out any form of message that endorses a product or service.

Tying this in with video advertisements, the digital video marketing industry is at a whopping $135 BILLION evaluation, and that's just in the United States (Forbes). This statistic alone shows that companies are not shy when it comes to making the investment of visual content in order to stand out from competition. The supply and demand is expanding at scale but every situation has its downfalls.

Video advertisements on all social platforms have become saturated. That was a bold statement to say but if you take into account the amount of uploaded content per day on each platform, we can all agree being noticed is no easy task. The common standard for the video industry is to create the most visually appealing image in hopes that the consumer is enticed enough to purchase your offering. Now that the majority of video ads look like they belong in a movie theatre, there's only one thing that will help your business stand out. What's the secret?

Consumers make purchases based on emotions and justify it with logic.


It's About The Story

There is a reason why stories have been told since the beginning of time. It's because they are the driving force for emotion. Once the story is told, this creates the search for logic and reasoning behind the sale. Instead of spending all of the marketing and advertising money on visually impressive content, although it can be super important, focus on the emotional appeal and the benefits your offering has for the consumer. Every product and service has a story with emotion and it is the number one differentiating factor between success and failure in a campaign. Instead of looking at the production of the content in the eyes of the company, shift the perspective to what is emotionally appealing for the consumer. Stop wasting money on video ads that are visually attractive but have no substance. It's the substance and meaning behind the message that matter the most.