3 Things I Learned from a Full-Time YouTube Creator (Kraig Adams)


One week ago, I decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone and fly to New York. It has always been a dream of mine but somehow the stars aligned and I was ready to experience an opportunity of a lifetime. Here's the background story...

Earlier that week, Kraig Adams (YouTube Content Creator & Founder of Wedding Film School) reached out to his fans on Instagram and asked if any NY creators would want to help with Wedding Film School's upcoming projects. Being a dreamer, I reached out to him and offered my services and even would travel on my own expense. Within a blink of an eye, I'm standing in Brooklyn meeting the man that has taught me 95% of what I know about wedding films.

I spent three days in New York, two of them hanging out and creating content with Kraig. I didn't want to take the opportunity for granted so I immediately started asking questions. (If you're reading this, sorry man.)

This is what I learned...


1. Minimalism Increases Productivity


When it came time to record a podcast with Scott McKenna, (WFS Podcast) Kraig didn't have to go looking through drawers or configure a complicated setup. Instead, he grabbed his microphone in plain sight and plugged it directly into his laptop. The overall setup time for the podcast was less than 5 minutes. His theory behind this? Anything that is or has potential to prohibiting the creative process should be removed. Applying this to my own business, I realized that there are things in my personal kit that could be considered distracting.


2. Search Engine Optimization Matters

NOTE: I don't want to give away any specifics due to the privacy of his content.

While planning out material for Wedding Film School, Kraig immediately thought of an idea that would make for better search engine results than previous methods. He then compared the search results (using Google Trends) for the two different terms and discovered that there were more hits on a different phrasing. He then proceeded to reserve the slot for future use and referencing. Having spent zero time on SEO, my eyes were completely opened by the amount of time and effort one put into this single component of online presence.



3. Planning is Essential

Instead of just sitting down and going with the flow on podcasts or a video shoot, planning took place days before hand. Notepad and pen were the go-to tools for conveying thoughts and ideas into a plan of action. From there the ideas would be transcribed from the paper onto a detailed list on what things should be covered in the video. For myself, I sometimes overlook the planning process and have the mindset of just creating. Our best ideas can come from spontaneous action but it is best when the idea is researched and established.


Find Kraig's Content Here - www.kraigadams.com